Seeing Seattle on a Time Crunch

DSC_0027 From 2014 until September 2015, I was a member of my company’s events team. I was fortunate enough to travel around the country speaking to both prospective and current customers. I also hit the Gold level of United reward miles by May 2015 – yea, lots of flying.

For most of these trips I didn’t get the opportunity to explore, but I always made it a point whenever I was in Seattle. It’s a beautiful city filled with character, stories, history, and originality. Even if you only have one night, venture out of your hotel for these three simple, must-see Seattle experiences.

Pike Place Market

It’s no surprise that this market shows up on every “must see” list for Seattle. The market brings the smell of fresh produce, fish, and flowers all combined (which results in a much more pleasant aroma than you may think). Mix that with the sounds of people shopping and the antique trinkets available at all of the market stands, and it’s a shopper’s paradise. This isn’t your grandma’s flea market either – everything from classic magic shop to handmade jewelry and antique salt shakers are available in the maze of markets at the pier.

Go early in the morning to see them get the prized fish ready for the day and get a cup of quality Seattle espresso at the literal hole in the wall, Ghost Alley Espresso.

The Waterfront Park/Pier

Continue your morning walk down to the pier. The stillness of the bay with ferries coming in and out under the watch of the mountains to the north is a site to take in and appreciate. They were doing construction in this area when I was there and it was still a marvelous site to see!

Get Brunch

Seattle is a foodie city. No matter what, make sure you go out and enjoy a great breakfast, lunch, dinner.. whichever meal is your thing. Mine is brunch, so I’m partial to the great coffee and donuts available in this great city. And boy do they take brunch seriously. Before my event was underway, I ate a solo brunch at Lola, where I was delighted with an eggs benny for the books and some of the best, freshest donuts I’ve ever had!


3 thoughts on “Seeing Seattle on a Time Crunch

  1. That food looks amazing and really edible to me!
    by the waayyyyy, I nominated you for a liebster award, go to my latest blog post for more info!

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