Podcasts are the wave of the future. Or at least they were 10 years ago. Now they’re a mega-popular storytelling device covering an impossibly large gambit of topics, and if you never listened to one chances are you’re an uncultured fool. KIDDING, obviously!

Whether you’re new  to podcasts and don’t know where to start or you’ve been on the podcast train for years and your library needs a refresh, I’ve got you covered. Check out these 5 podcasts hosted by some phenomenal ladies – that’s right, not your typical podcasts hosted by another white male voice.

Throwing Shade

600x600bbPersonally, Throwing Shade has been my favorite podcast for years so of course it was going to be the top of my list. Hosted by  “homo-sensual” Bryan Safi and “femi-nasty” Erin Gibson, this weekly podcast discusses a current feminist and LGBTQ issue each episode. You’d think that a podcast with such dire content (especially in today’s political climate) would be pretty depressing, but Bryan and Erin approach each topic with a unique absurd style of comedy that both brings attention to current issues and makes you laugh out loud on the train. As hosts, Bryan and Erin share a great dynamic. It also doesn’t hurt that Erin Gibson is the witch I want to be when I grow up.

Recommended Episode: “Crackers, Stonewall Inn, Secret Deodorant, Guest Timothy Simons”

2 Dope Queens

600x600bb1Currently in remission after its first successful season, 2 Dope Queens is the brain child of Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams and is the podcast for comedy fans. It’s a live comedy podcast where each episode features the banter between these two hilarious queens as they discuss everything from racial equality to butt stuff, along with a long list of other talented comedians.

Recommended Episode: “Dude for a Day”

Guys We F****d

63886Known as the “anti slut-shaming podcast,” Guys We Fucked is hosted by comedy duo SRY ABOUT LAST NYT, better known as Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher. When I first heard this podcast, I was shouting about how happy I was. “YES, THIS IS THE FUTURE. LADIES SUPPORTING OTHER LADIES AND GETTIN THEIRS.” Their banter is hilarious, and if you think your sex life is weird, I bet you’ll feel less alone after giving this podcast a listen. It’s not all fun and games though – you’ll learn a thing or two as well.



icon_399954056-d17eeb6a028a41d24137fde0351c8746e5aec2bb-s300-c85In the interest of full transparency, I am new to the Nerdette fandom, but I’m so happy I’m a part of it now. Hosted by Tricia Bobeda and Greta Johnsen, this podcast features smart ladies talking about what they’re passionate about -from feminism to Star Trek. In a world that pushes women towards beauty and superficiality, Nerdette is wildly refreshing as it takes a honest look into the interests of multifaceted women. I had a similar feeling as I did listening to Guys We Fucked where I just had to shout – “YES, THIS IS THE FUTURE. NERDY LADIES TALKING ABOUT WHAT WE LOVE.” Which might be a little sad considering women have been 50% of media consumers for quite some time and I’m feeling refreshed by something like this.. but that’s a whole other blog post entirely.

Recommended Episode: “Lindy West and Andi Zeisler on Fierce Feminism” 

Dear Sugar Radio

tile-dear-sugar-1Imagine a modern “Dear Abby” without the awful, judge-y, old fashioned advice. You get Dear Sugar, hosted by the phenomenal Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. People write in to Cheryl and Steve with their most intimate and secretive problems, and Cheryl and Steve dish out pure unadulterated wisdom in the voices you wish your parents had. The gut wrenching letters sometimes featured can be eye opening in themselves, but then you have the privilege of listening in as Cheryl and Steve address the authors directly.

Recommended Episode: “Friends With Benefits, Foursomes And Other Messy Relationships”


What podcasts have inspired you lately? Share your recommendations in the comments!


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